System and Networking

System Solutions

Does your business brawl with persistent, unexplained network down time? Do you wake up in a cold sweat wondering if you remembered to change that critical data backup tape?

Don’t let your business take a back seat to stubborn network issues and paralyzing data backup failure. Instead, let SSN help you take control of productivity by handling your IT needs, providing expert Systems Administrators and Network Administrators with a broad range of skills to maintain and operate systems and networks, support users, ensure system security and solve any problems that may arise.

Networking Solutions

Our range of services includes.

  • Wireless Network Solution
  • Cabling Solutions
  • Wide Area Network
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Hardware Installation and Support
  • Security Solutions
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Server Installations and Upgrades
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Complete Network Management and Support
  • Internet Connection
  • System Backups, Onsite and Offsite